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Ma'at Tours offers the very best in fully escorted Egyptian Tours...

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Ma'at Tours is owned and operated by Dr Mike Jenkins and Ms Patricia Kempa...

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Ma'at Tours offers you a unique Egyptian experience...

Ever wanted to visit Egypt with an Egyptologist and a small group of fellow travellers interested in Egypt's past and present, but don't want to be in a large group whisked around Egypt with no chance to relax or spend quality time at the places you have always dreamed of seeing?

If so, Ma'at Tours is for YOU!

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Past participants say...

"I went in[to the tour] very excited to be getting into tombs and temples and climbing up inside pyramids and that was definitely all I imagined it to be - the experience of a lifetime. But I left with very fond memories of my interactions with the people there and will always hold Egypt in a different light because of that."

Current Image Gallery...ahramonline reports the 'Temple of Thoth' is now open to visitors

Cleaning the 'Temple of Thoth'


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